Dutchkid is a London based Alt Pop collective made up of:

Vocal & Bass | Jordi van Dyk

Vocal & Keys | Pete Coggan

Drums | Jack Kircher

Samples & Synths | Chris Smyth

Tech & Live Director | Josh Hailes

Management & Bookings | Jordan McGregor


Nine Inspirations

1. QUOTE: “You can dress a song up with tracks a whole lot easier than you can dress tracks up with a song” - John Mayer. This tip has been a great inspiration for us. The ‘song’ always wins. Once the heart and story are set in place then you can start building the track up around it.

2. PEOPLE: ‘Glass Animals’ have been a huge inspiration for us as a collective. Their tone and production level feels beautifully crafted and continues to inspire us to keep pushing our production further.

3. PEOPLE: Steven McKellar of ‘Civil Twilight’ has been a huge songwriting inspiration for us. His combination of heartfelt lyrics crafted with beautiful melody always moves us and spurs us to push our storytelling that extra 5%.

4. PEOPLE: Relationship is the heartbeat within our collective. Right from the beginning we wanted to deepen our friendship and brotherhood with one another rather than just create banging music and 'build a brand'. We are here for one another whether that’s celebrating the great times or walking side by side in the lows of life.

5. PLACES: ‘Tap Coffee’ in Oxford Circus, London is a favourite place for us: beautiful coffee, great people and amazing natural light - worth checking out for sure!


6. THINGS: In the book ‘Creativity Inc.’ written by the creative director at Pixar, he describes how they were having creative meetings around a rectangle table and found that it was always the same voices speaking up with ideas. They then shifted to a round table and found that it created a beautiful equality in creative ideas with every voice getting to be heard. We have tried to include this same equality within our collective. We always speak of ourselves as a six piece with 4 members on stage and 2 members off stage.

7. PLACES: One of our favourite things to do as a collective is to see live music together. We love the whole show and are always trying to learn and grow our live show to make it the best show possible. Recent shows have included Fickle Friends, The Japanese House & Fyfe.

8. PLACES: A big inspiration place for us would be Scotland in winter. There is a sense of tranquility when you’re driving through the highlands. It provides an amazing head space and a healthy feeling of human perspective against an expansive backdrop.


9. PEOPLE: ‘Brockhampton’ are another big musical inspiration for us - the way we both do everything in-house, make our own videos, and have creative input into everything that has our name on it.