Jason Sauve

Jason Sauve

Nine Inspirations

1.     Quote: “That which does not kill us, makes us grow stronger”

This is quote first came to my attention in my late teenage years after re discovering the classic movie Conan. A now classic film from 1980. It resonated with me because at a time of growing up and with personal challenges it helped to serve me and remind that strength comes from your outer and inner self. It was a source of motivation for never giving up and overcoming obstacles. You only fail if you don’t get back up. You have to keep fighting for your dreams and goals. You can manifest your desires.


You have to keep fighting for your dreams and goals. You can manifest your desires.

2.     People:

Paul Stanley from the group KISS. As a boy I was captivated by the bands intense image and larger than life personas. But later in life as an adult and hearing the interviews of Paul. I began to admire his ability to have navigated a successful iconic band while avoiding the pitfalls of fame. Appreciating the value of hard work and excelling at business by turning the group into a worldwide brand. Paul later discovered art and has been having success as a painter. Myself as a musician and artist always felt a bit confused by having the two talents. Paul was a great inspiration in that he has done both successfully.



3.     People:

Arnold Schwarzenegger. What I’ve always loved about Arnold is his sense of humor and admired his ability to reach his goals. He became a bodybuilding champion many time s over and inspired so many around the world. As a fitness icon he helped me set the tone for a life of fitness and good habits.  His approach to life and business to stay hungry and try new things has been inspirational. He became a Hollywood movie star when others said it would be impossible. He also became the governor. Ignore the naysayers, work your butt off and always give back.

Ignore the naysayers, work your butt off and always give back.


4.     Things:

My cheat meal after a good week of sticking close to my diet is a Friday night dessert of chocolate cake. I love the cake from a little restaurant in my home town called Philos. It’s a Greek place and the cake is delicious.


5.     Places:

There’s so many interesting places in the world but to be a bit more general. I love anything outdoorsy on a nature walk or scenic hike. Something positive about re connecting with nature as often as possible. I love to hike and explore new trails and best of all a waterfall or mountain top view is super inspiring.

I love anything outdoorsy on a nature walk or scenic hike.


6.     Things:

In addition to art, drawing and painting, I’m also a musician and songwriter. I’ve written many songs and produced music for other artists and my own works. So I love my guitars especially my Gibson Les Paul tobacco sunburst. It plays like a dream and if I’m not creating art you‘ll probably find me banging away on my guitar.



7.     Places:

I’ve always dreamed of going to Hawaii, and since graduating from the Nursing program I had planned on moving there. After many years I’m finally going to the Oahu North Shore and couldn’t be more excited. I love the big colorful skies and mountain ranges of greenery and the beautiful beaches and tropical flowers and palms. Would love to move there and paint every day.

the importance of family and a good support unit


8.     People:

My family. Sometimes it takes a while to really see the importance of family and a good support unit. Without the support of them, all this creative work would have been much more challenging. It’s important to have that support and having family in your corner and working together so much more is possible. I think over time appreciating that brings the art so much closer to the heart.


9.     Things:

Nothing beats some comfy fall clothes, like a great worn in pair of jeans, a cozy shirt and maybe sweater in the fall months. Maybe it’s your favorite leather coat on a brisk morning as autumn sets in. But there’s something to love about all seasons. For me its summer and fall. So I love fall clothes and feeling cozy with a Match tea and starting a new art project.