Compose A Beautiful Life

compose a beautiful life


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MUSE.TV is a lifestyle video magazine for stylish, creative, inspiring women with an appreciation of the arts, design, culture, family, nature, & self.

We are a society of creativity, mindfulness, magic, moments, celebrations, creations, experiences, passions & joy.

Our inspiration collective reflects on the nine muses connection with nature, arts, style & society. Celebrate family & friends, create your own style, move your body through dance, dream your way to success, experience new adventures, express your love, meditate for calm, shine bright, and voice support of others.



Inspiration for your home, life & style followed by thoughtful self discovery prompts.

Luminary Interviews

Prominent creators share Nine Inspirations in life and in work.


Connect + shop with notable members worthy of your consideration.


Muse Butterfly Amulet

The butterfly (meaning soul in ancient Greece) with the monogram of the muses placed upon it, symbolizes inspiration for your soul.


We love the “Nine Inspirations” articles coming from, an incredible concept that shares more about each artist and his or her creative process.
— Long Sharp Gallery
Thank you so much for the thought provoking questions and this feature 💕🤗💕
— Artist Diana Contreras


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