Femmes Sans Peur

Femmes Sans Peur

Christina Jean Durante, Founder & Creative Director of Femmes Sans Peur, was seeking a fresh approach to empower women through footwear. When she saw that Femmes Sans Peur translated to "Fearless Woman" embodying everything she wanted her shoe lover to be, FSP was born. 

Christina has created jewelry-adorned pieces with a focus on comfort, quality craftsmanship and uplifting style. She has managed to playfully bring her versatile styles to life in the most unexpected of ways. 

Inspired by a trip to Sonoma Valley, I was on a vineyard at sunset where there were gorgeous hummingbirds fluttering over the glistening leaves. The way the light reflected off of them, I knew I wanted to create an ornament that reflected the beauty of these magnificent creatures that glittered like diamonds at dusk.

Every sole is adorned with their signature lotus flower ornament, allowing you to experience divine beauty!

Beauty that is only found in nature is brought to life through fine embroidery on mesh with hummingbirds devised of encased crystals that update familiar silhouettes. View designs in detail at http://www.femmessanspeur.com

Live Free + Beautiful