New Moves

New Moves

Expand you workout with ballet dance moves. 
Ballet give you an all over body workout while improving flexibility, muscle strength, tone and balance.

That unmistakably elegant ballet physique–shapely legs, trim waist, toned back and arms–comes from a formula of ballet barre, stretching, and freestanding exercises that emphasize beautiful posture and correct form in all your movements. Whether you’re 20 or 70, ballet does a body good!
— Asta Bazeviciute

We all know that we love dancing and that it makes us feel great, but do we realize just how good it is for us? Below are a few reasons why ballet, as one of the highest forms of dance, is a great workout and very beneficial to our health, well being as well as anti-aging.

Keeps you trim
Dancing burns anything from 100 to 500 calories an hour! Ballet can burn around 300 - 900 calories per hour!

Tight and firm
Dancing strengthens and tones the legs and body. If the core stomach muscles are engaged at all times, as they should be, dancing can help build that six pack! Particularly as our stomach work is incorporated into all your Ballet Body Sculpture warm ups.

Ballet builds and maintains flexibility of joints and muscles which helps prevent injury in our daily lives and keeps you mobile, reversing the age process.

Strong bones
The impact of movement and jumping actually helps strengthen bones, aiding  in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Lubricated joints
The moving of the joints helps keep them mobile and lubricated, helping in the prevention of arthritis.

Mental strength and memory
Have you ever had to learn a routine quickly and then reverse it to the other side? This is a great workout for your brain. Ballet improves memory by making you recall steps, positioning and patterns. This helps keep your brain alert, quick and open.

Keeps us young
Dancing is a great anti-aging treatment, retarding the aging process immensely as it benefits your heart, cardiovascular system, lung capacity and overall wellbeing. It helps to keep you looking young too, as it keeps you supple.

Lowers bad cholesterol
Ballet as well as dance aids in lipid control which lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Exercising ballet and dancing we have to balance in many different positions on a regular basis. This strengthens our stabilizer muscles and builds our core, keeping you less prone to injury in daily life.

Dancing elevates the mood, and gives the feelings of happiness by raising your endorphin levels. The adrenalin associated with nerves before entering stage or mastering a difficult trick or lift can help give you a natural high also. If you’re feeling down, it's a perfect antidepressant!

Social Benefits
Ballet dance class peers can become an important part of your life. You have fun with them and share many experiences that only dancers understand. It can help you build great friendships,  as it is both recreational and entertaining. Friends provide us with support, many laughs and a chance to grow and learn from others.

Reduces stress and increases energy
Have you ever just wanted to dance to get away from the stresses of daily life? Ballet and dance increases blood flow and reduces tension,as well as help build stamina and energy levels.

Want to try more? Join a Ballet Body Sculpture class ( no previous ballet or dance experience is needed): or view more videos

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