Creative Inspiration


Adding Creativity to Your Day

  1. New surroundings fuel creativity. Visit places you have not been to or have not visited for awhile.

  2. Create what you love. See a must have in stores or on the internet? Teach yourself how to make it.

  3. Try creative writing. Let your thoughts flow without worrying about grammar or punctuation.

  4. Trust the process. Work past the self doubt. There are no mistakes, only lessons or new discoveries.

  5. What artistic medium would you like to explore? Writing, painting, illustration, knitting, cooking? Define, then take a step toward learning it.

  6. Sketch an object close to your heart.

  7. What are your favorite colors? Create a vision board with just those.

  8. Make time each day to express yourself.

  9. “Creativity is not a project, it is a way of life.”