Gift Giving



Create hand made gifts to show friends and loved ones that you value them by giving your time and personal attention.

Nine Inspirations

  1. Ornaments

  2. Snow Globe

  3. Themed Gift Box

  4. Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate & Sprinkles

  5. Hot Chocolate Kit - Box with hot chocolate, marshmallows, peppermint sticks…

  6. Mug O'Joy - beautiful mug filled with theme ingredients tied with ribbon and gift card. Tea/honey, candies..


  8. Truffles

  9. Sugar Scrubs

Holiday Creative Prompts

  • What small items would you put in a box that you could open to feel uplifted?

  • Describe a quintessential winter holiday scene.

  • What are your favorite hot chocolate toppings?

  • What is your favorite holiday cookie?

  • Who is your favorite book character?

  • What essential oil scent do you love?

  • What is your favorite creative medium? Cooking, writing, painting?

  • What is your favorite journal format? Art, lined, planner?

  • What is the most memorable handmade gift you have received?

Write it, Shoot it, Publish it, Crochet it, Saute it, whatever. Make.
— Joss Whedon