Viv Storms

Viv Storms Fine Jewelry is a luxury line by Vivian Storms featuring sophisticated fine jewelry designs imbued with the unparalleled artwork of cold-glass artist Jack Storms. As one of few cold-glass artists in the world, Jack uses optical crystal and dichroic glass to create a kaleidoscopic core for every stone resulting in truly unique and rare pieces of which no two cores are the same.

Vivian has known great success at only 31 years of age as Storms Fine Art Gallery owner, CEO of an extremely successful fine art publishing company, devoted mother to her seven-year-old son Owen, the brains behind the Storms legacy and now, as jewelry designer. Following nearly two and a half years of development, a process fueled by Vivian's focused and aligned nature, the collection is complete and available for pre-sale ahead of its official launch date in December.

Affordably priced and starting at $500, a limited amount of seven different designs for necklaces, rings, cufflinks and earrings will be available during the pre-sale. Those who pre-order pieces will receive several perks, including deep discounts and entry into a giveaway of a $15,000 Jack Storms sculpture. Pre-ordered pieces will be delivered by Nov. 1. A portion of the proceeds of the pre-sale will go to charity.

When asked why someone should buy her jewelry, Vivian didn't hesitate to answer.

"Jack Storm's stones are pieces of fine art more stunning than diamonds and for a fraction of the price! When purchasing a piece of my jewelry, you're acquiring a work of art from the leading cold glass artist in the world that can't be found anywhere else! Let's talk about rare!" she said. 

Vivian says she has more of an overarching view of the jewelry line than just selling necklaces and rings, beautiful and intricate as they are.

"It's always been about bringing enlightenment with Jack's art. Storms' work really changes people's perception of everything. It's more than a sculpture or a stone. It's magical radiance, light and beauty all-in-one. Every stone tells its own story, each aflame with turbulent, psychedelic flashes of color and alive with personality," said Vivian.