Leah Harris

Soul Searching

Soul Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter inspired by the sounds of Ray Charles, Jeff Buckley, and Amy Winehouse.

Leah Harris is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose style brings a new level of intimacy to Pop music.

Raised on the border of Detroit, Leah is all about real, honest Soul.  Taking inspiration from artists like Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Jeff Buckley, and Aaliyah, Leah combines dark songwriting with old-school soul vocals and bluesy piano licks.

Originally from Canadian border city, Windsor, Ontario, Leah’s love for music was nurtured by both her family and the sounds of Detroit radio.  With an Irish mother trained in Celtic and Classical styles and a father who dabbled in Country songwriting, she grew up in a very musical home.   It was the Detroit radio that provided the biggest inspiration for Leah's musical style, filling her early life with Motown, Gospel, and Blues music.

real, honest Soul

In 2008, Leah moved to Boston to study Piano Performance at Berklee College of Music, where she met producer and good friend Adam Rhodes.  The two have since recorded two albums together in New York’s renowned “Systems Two Studios.” Leah’s first EP “I Don’t Believe in Love” was released in 2014, and her newest album is currently in the works with the first single release set to be released in October 2017.

Leah moved to Sweden in 2015 to join the European music scene, and then relocated to Finland  where she joined the startup world working for online music education company Yousician.   Leah was hired to design Yousician Piano from scratch, which became the world's most successful piano learning program used by over a million students.  This experience working with an innovative, forward-thinking startup reshaped Leah's view of the music business and inspired her to embrace and support the journey of independent artists.