Christopher Martinuzzi + Veronica Chincoli

SURfACE is a indie-rock band originally formed in Florence, Italy, as the result of the artistic collaboration between Christopher Martinuzzi (vocals/keyboards/clarinet) and Veronica Chincoli (bass/vocals). They compose original songs in an indie-rock style profoundly influenced by the English music scene.

Rise as high as the very stars themselves.

Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within) is the debut album, containing 12 original tracks.
In April 2017 the band released the album's first single, “Something in Between” with a music video directed by Andrea Tani about the relationship between humans and nature and the impact of plastic pollution. The collaboration with Andrea Tani has continued for the second single "Light Shadow" (February 2018) that Veronica has produced with him. The video features two dancers in an abandoned flat of a historic building in the centre of Florence.

everyone possesses an individual (yo)universe with many hidden worlds within it

Not only is Youniverse a play on words and the title of this album. It is also the idea that everyone possesses an individual (yo)universe with many hidden worlds within it: worlds made of people and places, emotions and thoughts. Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within) is a journey through the images and atmospheres that the music and lyrics reveal. It is a journey throughout our hidden worlds that everyone can explore and make them their own.

The album’s artwork, edited by Elisa Veracini, is the physical expression of this idea. The cover is a print by Lady Eileen Aston, Christopher’s grandmother, and is the representation of the many hidden worlds that can be found in our Youniverse. The photos inside the booklet were taken by Christopher in northern Sweden, and represent the frozen surfaces of one of our worlds.

Explore youniverse and make it yours.

What are the stories told in your videos?

"Light Shadow"
A man and a woman are imprisoned and earthbound in an abandoned flat set outside of time. They cannot see each other because they are far apart. They cannot get up, but there is a force that makes them move. They wander in search of its source, until they see one another. In a final effort, their bodies touch and they find freedom together. They are each other’s light shadow and a part of one another. 

"Something in Between"
The video is an artistic interpretation of the relationship between humans and nature. Plastic invades rivers, seas, and oceans corrupting Earth, and we, as humans, are a part of it. The inspiration for this video came to us along the banks of the river Arno (Tuscany) where a railway runs. After Autumn and Spring showers the river swells covering the many alluvial islands. When the water recedes the spectacle from the train is horrendous, yet visually beautiful: thousands of white and colored plastic bags are stretched and tangled on the branches of the trees. Twisted deadly plastic ghosts. An infinite number of plastic bottle and containers litter the banks of the river, ready to end their journey in the sea. 


Do you have a special anecdote you can share about the album?
In our project we give importance to the visual part. After we decided the title of the album "Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within)" we were trying to find something that could give an image to this idea. But it wasn't easy. One day Christopher (the singer) was looking for something and he found several stamps made years before by his grandmother. One of them was simply perfect: the picture had kind of planets and stars in it, and it was blue, on of our favorite colors as we are tied to the natural element of water. We just found our booklet cover.