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Renee Phillips Design | Short Film - Process-based Artist Documentary

Docu+brand C R E A T I V E produced a 11-minute short film on Renee Phillips, a process-based artist. This mini-documentary was created to open the eyes that art is more than just a paint brush and canvas. In Renee Phillips Design's case, the scientific process and philosophy behind the art is everything.

Usage of jump cuts, harsh audio natural sound, minimalistic framing and abrupt edits all contribute to raw storytelling to draw you in to make you feel like you are in the studio with Renee.

To view more of Renee's art, visit Video Credit:

Madeleine Durham - Art Lapse


Opening Night of Moulin Rouge! The Musical!

Take a trip inside the spectacular spectacular opening night of Moulin Rouge! The Musical!


Tristan Eckerson

Music- Tristan Eckerson
Video- M. Bird (
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SAAYA | Art Film | 5K
Steve Selman

Filmed and Directed by Steve Selman
Edited by Lester Platt
Model: Saaya Miyazaki
Floral Crown: Steve Selman
Filmed on RED Scarlet 5K
Edited in FCPX