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Blush & Whimsy Has Been Invited to the Cannes Film Festival as Part of the Cannes Gifting Suite.

Blush & Whimsy will provide its signature color changing lipsticks and launch two new products, their Oscar Blush and Royal Blush, while at Cannes.

"We're honored and excited that those attending the Cannes Film Festival will be able to experience the magic of our lipsticks for themselves," says Micaela Brown, founder and chief inspiration officer of Blush & Whimsy. "Our company has had such an amazing award season with our lipsticks included at both the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards gifting suites. Being at Cannes is another amazing experience we are looking forward to attending."


Blush & Whimsy lipsticks are nothing short of magical. With the goal of creating a universally inclusive product, Blush and Whimsy's lipstick line changes color based on the pH and temperature of an individual's skin for a shade that is uniquely theirs. The FDA-approved lipsticks — which are not tested on animals — are made with luxurious ingredients such as cocoa butter, botanical extracts, and lavender oil.

everyone is beautiful

The company was launched by Brown with a focus on social entrepreneurship and promoting inclusion of all in their product lines. She launched the company on the foundation that everyone is beautiful, and it's by celebrating what makes each person different that will redefine the meaning of true beauty.

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