Pnina Tornai - LOVE

Pnina Tornai - LOVE

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A Bridal Collection Reflecting The Journey Of Strength And Love.

Pnina Tornai Designs the 2019 LOVE Collection Inspired by Confidence and Equality

Leading bridal designer, Pnina Tornai, launches her 2019 LOVE collection at Kleinfeld. This season, inspired by the female empowerment movement, the new collection and ad campaign takes us on a powerful journey.  That journey, like the journey of love, is designed to build courage and strength within marriage and partnerships.

Feeling empowered by society, the designer focused on creating twenty-five styles in varying silhouettes, designed for independent women. "From saying 'I Do' at the wedding, to approving projects in the boardroom, each task requires a woman's commitment and dedication. It is the journey towards success that makes us strong," says Pnina Tornai. 

strong does not mean tough but depicts strength

The Pnina Tornai LOVE collection, inclusive in size and design, represents affordable luxury, featuring feminine yet structured silhouettes with delicate fabrics and dimensional embellishments in size 2 thru 32.  "After all, strong does not mean tough but depicts strength in the journey of love, which is symbolic of marriage," adds Tornai.

The campaign images display the juxtaposition of soft wedding dresses in a rugged setting meant to depict that beauty and strength coexist and that women can be whoever they want to be.  Duality is our reality, after all. Jennette Kruszka


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