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Florin Ion Firimita

Visual Artist, Educator, and Writer

Northwestern Connecticut and Paris

"She Said/ He Said" Project

"We live inside an enormous, constantly changing puzzle. In this light, my works are riddles born out of the juxtaposition of the real and the imagined, the private and the universal, the desire and the cancelled desire."



Marta Cascales Alimbau

Pianist & Composer

Barcelona — International

A professional pianist and composer from Barcelona, focused on creating a repertoire with the piano as a main instrument and with a strong interest in composing music for Dance, Film and Art Installations.


Cha Jong Rye

Born in Daejeon, Korea and the recipient of an MFA in Sculpture from Ewha Women’s University in 1996, sculptor Cha Jong Rye meticulously crafts works which have been featured in exhibits and collections worldwide.